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Adam Collard – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@adamcollard)

Adam Collard – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@adamcollard)
Adam Collard – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@adamcollard)

Adam Collard – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@adamcollard)

Adam Collard is a fitness model and influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram. He is known for his chiseled physique and different fitness programs and routines. He has established himself quite well in the fitness industry. He featured on the 2018 edition of LoveIsland and rose to prominence after that. Adam is quite young and considering his age, he has achieved quite a good amount of success in the fitness world.

Who is Adam Collard?

Adam collard is a 24-year-old personal trainer based in Newcastle. He runs a very successful Instagram account which has a huge following. His fitness-based lifestyle and coaching have gathered him quite a lot of success. He also runs a website named  adamcollard.com where he has several fitness regimes and programs available for coaching people towards their fitness goals. He rose to prominence after being featured in the 2018 edition of Love Island. Since then he has garnered a lot of fame for his fitness-based lifestyle.

Adam Collard’s Social Media Presence

Adam’s posts are targeted at fitness enthusiasts. He regularly shares his workout routines on his Instagram account. He has fitness blueprints for men and women, with workout plans and nutrition guides. Adam is also active on Facebook and Youtube, where he shares his daily life routines and habits. You can also find him on his personal website and on his own podcast.

Adam Collard’s Career and Followers

Adam is quite young. He is only 24 years old but that hasn’t stopped him from achieving significant goals. Having more than a million followers on Instagram at this age is no small feat. His dedication and love for fitness can be seen from his Instagram posts where he shares quite a lot of useful information and tips for people who are serious about fitness. There is no specific figure available for his earnings but one can imagine that he is living a quiet comfortable life.

His appearance on Love Island and now running a successful fitness-based business has put him in a very good position and it will not be a far-fetched prediction to assume that he will go a long way in the future. His blueprint programs are quite practical and easy to follow and many people have expressed positive experiences by following his guidelines. He has proved himself to be a great motivator for his fans and followers judging by the praise he receives on his Instagram posts.

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