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Adiz Benson “The Bam” – Instagram Actress Influencer Review (@adizthebam)

Adiz Benson "Bambi" - Instagram Actress Influencer Review (@adizthebam)
Adiz Benson "Bambi" - Instagram Actress Influencer Review (@adizthebam)

Adiz Benson “The Bam” – Instagram Actress Influencer Review (@adizthebam)

The Bam, Adiz Benson and better known as Bambi is an actress, model rapper, and a beauty entrepreneur. This Instagram influencer review is going to tell you all about this lovely personality.

Who is The Bam?

Bambi is on Instagram with the name Adiz the Bam rocking 2.7 million followers. The Bam was born on March 1, 1986, in Compton, California. Later own, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. During her junior and high school years, she used to play basketball. She is a graduated in broadcasting and journalism.

Bambi’s Appearance on Love and Hip Hop

She is a part of the Love and Hip Hop Franchise. Bambi made her first appearance in season two of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She was the potential love interest for Benzino.

Later on, in season 3, she appears in the supporting cast as the new girlfriend of Lil Scrappy. Early into the season, she is faced with a miscarriage. By the end of season 5, Bambi breaks up with Scrappy. But that’s not the end of their love story. On the season finale, Scrappy wins her back with a proposal. Bambi accepts the proposal but breaks up later on as their relationship falls apart. Eventually, in 2017, the two get married off-screen in Las Vegas. The two have a son together named Breland.

The Bam has also appeared in the music videos of top artists like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Jamie Foxx. This artist has been doing amazing work for young girls dealing with Clinical issues like burns, cancer, and alopecia through her foundation.

Successful Empire of Hair-Line Business

Bambi is a strong advocate for mental health. While she was growing up in Compton, she struggled with mental health issues. Hence, she wants to empower females to be confident and comfortable in their skin.

She owns a luxury hair extension store called Shimmer Elite Extensions. With a double major in public relations and journalism, she has turned her hairline business into a multimillion-dollar empire. She is also planning to expand her beauty empire by manufacturing hair care products.

Founder of Shimmer living Foundation

The Bam is passionate about launching Shimmer Living Foundation. This charitable foundation is for underprivileged girls who don’t have access to basic necessities of life to ensure their success. She wants girls to focus on their education. The foundation educates girls about hygiene, hair care, hair products, choosing clothing according to body shape and size, basic health, and nutritional information.

The Bam has always been a designated hairstylist among her family and friends. This inspired her to get into the hair extension industry. She has the natural instinct to make her loved ones feel beautiful.

Final Words

Before starting her business, she did a lot of research. She has been an obsessive consumer and she tested a lot of products in the market to come up with her own hairline. The Bam says she is still learning and plans to add new products to her line. This Instagram influencer review tells a lot about this reality star who wants to do good for girls.

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