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Alejandra Treviño – Instagram Fitness Influencer (@aletrevino95)

Alejandra Treviño - Instagram Fitness Influencer (@aletrevino95)
Alejandra Treviño - Instagram Fitness Influencer (@aletrevino95)

Alejandra Trevino- Fitness Influencer Review (@aletrevino95) 

Alejandra Trevino is a fitness, fashion, and lifestyle model and influencer with over 3.9 million followers on Instagram. She has an alluring and sizzling hot body and shares bikini images with which she has captured the hearts of her fans. But more importantly, she is exceptionally open to her fans and is an inspiration to many in the fitness and fashion world.

About Alejandra

Alejandra Trevino is proud of her Mexican heritage. The Insta-queen who will be 32 by October 2020 does not reveal much about her personal life on social media but she is Health Specialist (Physiotherapist). Some say she used to have anemia, weighed little as a result, and had some relationship issues that spurred her to turn her life around.

Besides her earlier condition spurring her into changing her life dramatically, she says her biggest inspiration is US-based Jen Selter who is also a fitness model and social media personality. She has worked with several brands including Bang Energy. She has a website from which you can get more details of her workout and diet plans and programs.

Her Social Media Presence

Alejandra’s frequent posts are all about fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. In these posts (videos and images) she is often in a hot bikini or wearing some hot and sexy apparel that is sure to have everyone’s eyes glued to her. Some of the videos show her performing some of her workouts, or revealing some of her diets. She has a twitch.tv channel and YouTube which are the major platforms she uses for teaching about and showcasing her workout and diet programs. Besides these she can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and her website. Her combined followership base on all platforms amounts to over 4 million

Influencer’s Career and Followers

Of over 4 million fans and followers that Alejandra has, over 95,600 of them are very active and follow her fitness routine and diet plans which is what she sticks to. She follows a minimal but modified eating regimen and a standard training and exercises plan. Her body and shape and those of her followers and clients are proof of the effectiveness of her diet programs and exercise routine.

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