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Amanda Cerny – Instagram Celebrity Influencer Review (@amandacerny)

Amanda Cerny - Instagram Celebrity Influencer Review (@amandacerny)
Amanda Cerny - Instagram Celebrity Influencer Review (@amandacerny)


Amanda Cerny is a model, actress, and a fitness enthusiast with a large fan base of 45 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. All thanks to her consistency in well-captured empowering social media stories, Instagram influencer reviews, and easy-to-follow videos. Her mission is to help everyone achieve a body they feel comfortable in. 


About Amanda

The 28-year-old is based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and studied Business at Florida State University. From there, she developed a flair for acting and started hosting live shows in Miami and was featured in drama roles, which took her to Los Angeles. She’s been featured in Playboy and in movies like Airplane Mode, 211, The Coach, and many others. She has numerous comedy sketches to her credits as well as a recent Tik Tok app collaboration with Natty Light.

Committed to proving that she is not just another pretty actress, Amanda has steadily evolved into a savvy entrepreneur with the founding of her multimillion dollars’ business from deals with Tinder, Paramount Pictures, Guess Jeans, and more.  Additionally, Amanda regularly gives to charities and has provided support after natural disasters in Puerto Ricco and Haiti. As UN brand ambassador, she has consistently clamored against the destruction of wildlife through campaigns like “Wild for Life.” Still, on her advocacy for a habitable environment, Amanda, in June 2019, collaborated with Actress Meagan Gold in the UN festival tagged “Play it out” in Antigua, a festival designed to drive home the dangers of plastic pollution.


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Who’s your favorite spice girl ? ❔@cernyfit

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Amanda’s Instagram feed is full of fitness tutorials and cute photos of her boyfriend, Johannes Bartl (who is also a fitness influencer). Amanda constantly uploads entertaining, inspiring, and educative videos on her YouTube channel and her Instagram page, feeding well over 26.4M followers.


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Cerny STRONG challenge is here !!!!! Go to @cernyfit and click link in bio 💪🏼

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Her Career and Followers

Through her detailed and well-illustrated videos, Amanda encourages her followers on a simple step-by-step guide on how to workout at home. As a woman of many colors, Amanda has remained in the frontline of quality content creation on both Vine and YouTube. Her comedy sketches are part of her regular content for her 35million followers across the world of social media.

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