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Ana Cheri – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anacheri)

Ana Cheri - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anacheri)
Ana Cheri - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anacheri)

Ana Cheri – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anacheri)

Ana Cheri is a very influential name in the world of fitness, but she is also a public figure, model, host, and actress. She has a huge following of more than 12.5 million people on Instagram, and she continually pushes the boundaries to showcase healthy routines and how we can become healthy and fit in a clever way. She is also the owner of two companies, Cheri Fit and Be More Athletics which sell high-quality fitness products.

About Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri comes from Anaheim, Southern California and she grew in a family surrounded by multiple brothers. Despite all the masculinity around her, she did have a girly side and she played with dresses, while also being a tomboy. She had a unique childhood that made her very different. It also added to her  fierce personality that you can see in most of her work, be it movies or a variety of different things.

On top of that, Ana Cheri is widely experienced as a model, as she worked for many large companies. Now she works for Monster Energy, Moskova underwear as well as K&N Filters, The Ultimate Armwrestling League and others. She also starred in movies like Nuclear Family, Playmade Playback, and many others. She started her career by posting fitness tips and images of herself online. Ana is married to a fitness specialist named Ben Moreland.

Social Media Presence

Cheri managed to grow a massive audience very quickly. Her content is all about fitness, beauty, and it also has some images of herself too. Aside from her widely followed Instagram channel, Ana also has a YouTube channel with 88.8k subscribers and a Facebook page with more than 6.3 million likes and 8.1 million followers. She also has a personal website where you can learn more about her and her businesses.

Career and Followers

If you visit the 2 companies she owns, you will notice that Anamhas a true focus on high-quality fitness wear. On top of that, she is also selling ebooks, men’s and women’s tops and bottoms as well as fitness wear in general. In addition, she is famous all over the world for motivating people and encouraging them to reach success. 

Her estimated net worth is around $5 million, and she is a successful entrepreneur. Ana Cheri is widely known for being a positive person, something you will notice throughout her content. She sold her books and challenging programs to more than 10000 people, a testament to her commitment to helping others. Her fitness wear products are also known for being very comfortable and super popular online. Ana Cheri constantly creates content to help people evolve, expand beyond their limits, and believe in themselves.

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