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Anton Danyluk – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anton_danyluk)

Anton Danyluk - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anton_danyluk)
Anton Danyluk - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anton_danyluk)

Anton Danyluk – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@anton_danyluk)

Anton Danyluk is a fitness model and a gym owner with 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He is the first male Scottish to be a part of the “Love Island” reality show and recognized as the most popular celebrity for the day of February 21st. Anton came to fame after this show and his dating partner Belle Hassan was considered as a perfectly matching couple at that time. Apart from that, he is worldwide famous for his diet and workout plans.

Career and Lifestyle

Anton Danyluk was born on February 21st, 1995 in Scotland. Formerly he was from Blackridge which is in the West Lothian and rose in North Lanarkshire. From a younger age, he was more towards sports, and he played soccer to be healthier. This led him to start transforming his body and motivated on bodybuilding. The 25-year-old model is the founder of “The Ranch Fitness Retreat” gym and acting as a professional trainer and instructor.

He is acting as the brand ambassador for Word Merit Organization with the partnership with the United Nations to empower citizens in creating global goals and actions. Other than that, he even owns the merchandized brand #TeamRanch, which models by himself. Further, Anton’s diet plans, Pilates, and workout plans have been globally shared among fitness lovers.

Anton Danyluk’s Fitness Program

Anton regularly posts on Instagram about his training sessions, including weight loss, cardio, and weight gaining exercises. Apart from that, he shares meal plans and pictures of him without the top, exposing his muscular body. Anton Danyluk’s workout routine spans across 16 weeks, and it is for people who wish to start as beginners and to end up as experts.

Further, Anton Danyluk holds training sessions from Monday to Friday at the cost of 50 Euros per month on the silver package. Anton has found four-way workout plans for perfect thighs, biceps, abs, and chest. He always shares the idea among his followers that any workout session should follow a proper diet plan for best results. So he always shares his diet plans among his fans to get better results.

Social Media Influence

Being an Instagram influencer, Anton regularly posts videos on YouTube and Tiktok as well. He has around 6.5K YouTube subscribers. However, most of his videos are of gym workout sessions. His motivational and encouraging videos watched by the worldwide audience, which strengthens his online presence as a social media influencer. Anton Danyluk not only shares his motivational posts and videos but also shares videos from other influences with his followers.

Social Life

Anton Danyluk being a trainer and gym instructor always updates his fans about the secrets behind his transformation. As a knowledgeable person about the subject, he shares tips to be healthier and to build a fit body. According to the Forbes and Wikipedia statistics, Anton Danyluk’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million in 2019. At the age of 21, Anton bought a brand new Porsche, but it didn’t impress him. Besides, Anton always quotes “Consistency is the key to a good workout”, which motivates his followers to work hard and train hard daily.

Moreover, Anton recognizes as a kind-hearted man who helps anyone. After appointing as the ambassador in the UN, he has appeared frequently on television motivating the young generation about the benefits of exercises. In fact, being an active member of the Public Health England, Anton will continue to provide his service in upcoming years.

Finally, if you want to become a person with a healthy and handsome looking body, you should follow Anton at no cost. Anton Danyluk is a role model, and the amount he gives out is priceless.

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