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Cass Olholm – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@cassolholm)

Cass Olholm - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@cassolholm)
Cass Olholm - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@cassolholm)

Cass Olholm – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@cassolholm)


Cass Olholm is a fitness photo-blogger, trainer, nutritionist, and self-trained Yoga practitioner with more than 127k followers on Instagram. Cass has amassed active audiences over the years that are dedicated to her posts about fitness and nutrition. She also has a large fan base on YouTube and her personal blogs, where people find her content relevant to their daily lives.


Cass Olholm is a native of Australia, who has chosen the path of fitness and nutrition. The 29-year-old mother of one bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Nutrition at the Queensland University of Technology in 2011. This has further helped shaped her career. Being a fitness trainer isn’t accidental for Cass, she has always been encouraged and supported by her parents from a very young age to eat well and lead a healthy life.

She is ever mentioning her parent’s support and encouragement at every opportunity she gets, she idolizes them and see them as the reason for her growth. Cass has a baby named Charlotte with her man Jack Masters who happens to be the Co-founder of Ground Australia (@theground_australia) with Cass. Ground Australia (ground.com.au) is a Gym and physical fitness center where hundreds of people come in daily to workout and register for different fitness programs.


Cass Olholm has successfully kept her followers glued to her Instagram page; her numbers of follower keeps increasing by the day. This is as a result of her various engaging posts about fitness and general wellbeing. She normally shares pictures of her workout session on her Instagram and live feed. She also posts her daily routine and diet and enjoins others to practice in the way suitable for them. Cass put up different fitness routines on her page, either you want to build abs, slimdown, pregnancy workout, daily routine, etc you will find one or two beneficial posts on Cass’s Instagram page. Most of her workout session during pregnancy is documented on her YouTube page. a page that boasts of 1.64k subscribers and an average of 4k views per post.


Cass believes in living a healthy and balanced life and urges people to do the same: “I encourage a life of balance, think green smoothies with the occasional doughnuts”, she says. Her non-rigid and compassionate way of motivating her followers has helped thousands of people achieve physical fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a certified nutritionist, Cass also shares a food recipe, her daily diet, and other various helpful materials to achieve a proper diet. Apart from her fitness and nutrition posts, Cass shares beautiful pictures of her daughter Charlotte and her man Jake Masters. She also contributes to the society through charity, one of her most recent charity work was the HIIT for a cause fundraising movement which she did use her brand Ground Australia. They were able to raise and donate $5398 as a relief fund for the bushfire disaster that happened in Australia.



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