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Luca Vezil – Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@lucavezil)

Luca Vezil - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@lucavezil)
Luca Vezil - Instagram Fitness Influencer Review (@lucavezil)

Luca Vezil – Instagram Fitness, Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Review (@lucavezil)

Fitness and Fashion are two very intricate affairs to marry. However, amidst the glam, expense, revelry, and intensity of both concepts, one man at the helm of it all finds a way to not only balance both sides of this marriage but also gain substantial recognition off it. I give you, the man at the helm: Luca Vezil.

Luca Vezil is a fitness influencer, fitness enthusiast, and fashion and street style, blogger. Boasting an immense following on Instagram (with over 920,000 followers), Luca is perhaps one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media.

Born July 30, 1991, in the country of Italy, Luca is a man that has always followed his passions in fitness and fitness blogging for as long as he could remember. Breaking into social media in 2012, he took the world by storm with his immersive fitness influencing style and his comprehensive blogging techniques. So much so that in May 2014, his blog was named as one of the Best Men’s Fashion Blogs in all of Italy! An impressive feat that catapulted his name and his brand onto the forefront of social media fame.

His Path to Fitness

Luca Vezil’s path to fitness is indeed one of utter inspiration. Looking at the hunk of Hercules, one could assume that perhaps he had always nursed a passion to be ripped and fit for the majority of his life. Luca admits that this is quite the contrary. In one of his comments on social media, Luca expresses that he wasn’t born ripped, neither did he have any intentions early on of forging a path in fitness.

He was, in fact, a chubby lad who experienced mockery at the hands of the “cool boys” whilst he was growing up. Then things began to change when he started delving into sports and his brother motivated him to begin swimming. After falling in love with water polo and getting at it, results began to manifest and his passions spurred.

These interests were however cut short when he found it difficult to balance college with his passion, and a stop ensued. However, passions are very difficult to snuff out and Luca eventually re-invigorated his passions by using the gym as a form of escape for him. Fast forward past many years of dedication and work, and we see the man that everyone around the world looks up to for fitness inspiration.

His Regimen

Taking a look at Luca, we can see that his arms, abs, glutes, and legs are very well defined. We can thus infer that Luca does a lot of core exercises, bench presses, resistance training, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Although not much is known about the specificities of his diet, we can assume that Luca likes to keep it clean and eat the required amount of calories to keep up a healthy mass of muscle. A lot of his pictures on his Instagram page (@lucavezil) show him sharing close quarters with weights, dumbbells, working on the chest press, and engaging in alternating forms of the upper body and lower body circuits. His regimen is almost always consistent and scheduled and he balances this rigorous regimen with a helping of nutritious foods.


Luca is currently involved with fellow Instagram fashion expert Valentina Ferragni. Together, they share a mass of adorable pictures, displayed on both their Instagram pages. His youtube videos equally feature workout sessions where he teams up with Valentina for a specific regimen.

Asides fitness blogging and influencing, Luca Vezil dabbles in the creation of stunning street-style photographs and surfs the waves when he can.

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