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Luke Worthington – Instagram Fitness Trainer (@lukewtraiing)

Luke Worthington – A Certified Nike Trainer

If you want to be as fit as a fiddle and that too for your lifetime, then you must follow Luke Worthington Fitness Program. With having more than 57k followers on Instagram, Worthington’s fitness program has to do a lot to reshaping your lifestyle. 

Without a doubt, Luke Worthington has earned a great name in the European fitness industry. All of this is because of his endless enthusiasm and dedication to stay fit and help others staying fit.

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Worthington, 38, is a fitness instructor, trainer as well as an educator dedicated to helping the individuals workout better, have better thinking, and, thereby, feel better. Formerly, Worthington was an international athlete. 

He completed his biomechanics degree while playing professional premiership rugby league. Afterward, he became a full-time fitness coach at the age of 24. At that juncture, he started getting an education about the human movement for becoming the first postural restoration science pro of the UK. Voila!

He completely understands the unique demands budding out when the physical performance of an individual is also their bread and butter. 

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Luke Worthington’s Fitness Program

Being a specialist in sports performance, he also trains multiple World champions, including Emmy and Oscar-winning celebrities. He believes in the optimization of one’s physical potential by comprehending the link between neuromechanics, psychology, biomechanics as well as emotional wellbeing. 

Worthington suggests trying boxing, kettlebells, or rock climbing to cyclists and runners. Doing so can break the habit of cycling or run in straight lines.

As per Worthington, just as brushing our teeth is part of our everyday routine, practicing ‘maintenance exercises’ for our body has to be. Also, there is a connection of people’s alignments with their training history, the way they’ve developed as a kid, their emotional state, and the sports they’ve played in.

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What Do The Reviews Say?

As far as public opinion is concerned, Worthington has aced this field as well. A large number of people are in favor of the Luke Worthington Fitness Program because they see results. The reason why his fitness program is winning is mainly because of the fact that Worthington has designed his program by incorporating his science-based knowledge.

Overall, he has positive reviews over the internet, adding to his worth even more.

According to the man himself, 

“It has to do with the understanding that whatever we do has a consequence to everything else.”

What’s more?  Being an ex-rugby star and a qualified sports scientist, he recommends fitness pros must deal with their body holistically to perform better. 

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