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Maja Suput – Instagram Music Influencer Review (@majasuput)

Maja Suput - Instagram Music Influencer Review (@majasuput)
Maja Suput - Instagram Music Influencer Review (@majasuput)

Maja Suput – Instagram Music Influencer Review (@majasuput)

Maja Šuput is a fashion influencer, a singer and an actress with more than 400.000 followers on Instagram. She is a well-known pop singer and tv actress on Croatian TV. Furthermore, she has been a judge for Nova tv’s Supertalent reality show since 2017. Maja has also been a part of the first Croatian edition of Dancing With the Stars. Her sense of fashion leads her to launch her own clothing company through the platform majushka.com.

Maja Šuput lives and works in Croatia. She was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia and in 2019 she married Nenad Tatarinov, a businessman. She debuted as a member of the Croatian group Enjoy and later decided to pursue her solo career, also thanks to her father Boris, who has been her manager until he died in 2018. Her passion for dance started in high school; hence it was easy for her to shine on the stage. Besides studying Latin American and jazz dances for three years, she also performed on Dancing with the Stars first Croatian edition with Zrinka Cvitesic, who later won the competition.

She has been a judge in the Nova TV’s Supertalent show since 2017, which is a licensed version of the British talent show Got talent, with Simon Cowell and Ken Warwick. Her TV presence is vast, with TV Shows, reality shows, and contest appearances all through her career. Since then, she launched her own accessories and clothing company hosted on the website majushka.com and her Facebook account.

Social Media Presence

Maja’s colorful Instagram fees show us her sense of fashion in bright and pastel clothes and unique music-related accessories. Her daily life with her husband, artistic career, and on-fleek style gained her more than 400.000 followers. She shares regular updates about her music and tv career, both as a singer and as a Supertalent show judge. Maja Šuput social media presence includes her YouTube channel Majushka Music. Maja’s videos are funny and playful, such as her songs and that gained her almost 30.000 visualizations per video. Her Facebook presence shows us her cute clothing and accessories line, sold on majuska.com. Her style is playful and accessible, with a lot of music-related gadgets.

Career and Followers

Maja Šuput is one of the wealthiest pop singers in Croatia. Her artistic career and social media presence, as well as her sense of style and fashion, lead her to an estimated net worth between 1 and 5 Milion $ in 2019. Shiny clothes and amenities like the cat-eared headphones are a must in her social media feeds, where also the more comfy outfits stand out in a really stylish way.

Maja’s style trademarks indeed are femininity and cuteness that she embraces in every aspect of her life, from traveling to stay-at-home moments. Loyal to her uniqueness, her clothing company is full of cute accessories and household items, such as a cat blanket and glittery and colorful microphones. She inspires her followers to seek the playful and joyful aspects of life while staying true to yourself and your peculiar, unique traits.

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