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Nanda Arsyinta – Instagram Beauty and Fashion Influencer Review (@nandaarsynt)

Nanda Arsyinta - Instagram Beauty and Fashion Influencer (@nandaarsynt)
Nanda Arsyinta - Instagram Beauty and Fashion Influencer (@nandaarsynt)

Nanda Arsyinta – Instagram Beauty and Fashion Influencer Review (@nandaarsynt)

Nanda Arsyinta is a Beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle. An Instagram influencer with 1.5m followers on Instagram and 1.46M subscribers on YouTube. She has collaborated and is the face of many national eyebrows, hair color, and hair styling brands. Nanda is famous for her makeup look re-creations of anime and Disney characters, her travel destinations and their positive bright pictures make a positive impact on her follower’s lives. This article is an extensive Instagram Influencer Review.

Nanda Arsyinta’s Biography

Nanda Arsyinta is born and raised in Indonesia and currently lives in Jakarta. She is 22 years old as of 31 March 2020. She is in a romantic love relationship with a fellow social media influencer Rendy Setyawan. Nanda started early in her life, created her YouTube channel in December 2010, she was only 12 years old at the time. Because of her knowledge and love for makeup, she recently launched a fashion and beauty brand named as Vluffy (@vluffy_id). Although her brand is in its initial stages and emerging with every passing day, she collaborated with many national brands names as mata jelita, pinkrabbitlens, tokopedia, matrix being the top ones. Nanda also has been the ambassador for international brand ponds Indonesia that is a worldwide famous cosmetics company.

Nanda Arsyinta on Social Media

Nanda frequently posts pictures of herself on Instagram. Her photographs include national and international holiday destinations beaches, zoos, parks and historical places featuring her boyfriend in some of them, innovative looks for different events and occasions she re-creates the makeup looks of anime and Disney characters. Her Instagram. She dedicated a week for awareness in child cancer and published relevant posts for the whole week. Her YouTube channel has 1.46M subscribers, where she shares her vlogs, makeup tutorials. The videos about the reviews of popular makeup brands help a lot of young girls and women to make purchase decisions. She also has a few Q&A videos on her YouTube channel, where she answers the questions directly asked by the followers, which also illustrates her humbleness.

Nanda Arsyinta’s Career and Followers

Nanda is a beauty and fashion vlogger; she is one of the most popular fashion icons for Indonesian women. Her reviews mean a lot to Indonesian women. As far as makeup is concerned, girls listen to her. That is why several brands collaborated with her as her only one Instagram post can increase sales quickly. The aggregate income from YouTube, collaborations with brands, and from her fashion and beauty brand makes her net worth approx. $1M to $5M. Which is an excellent achievement of someone being only 22 years old?

She always posts the pictures and videos of herself being in beautiful locations, and no doubt, she spreads positive vibes wherever she goes. She doesn’t have a well off background. Nevertheless, even after making it to the top, she is humble and grateful for the things she always wanted to have, and now she owns them to inspire people all over the world, especially young girls.

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